Hear some stories.  Get your paws dirty.  Learn to use your ears like a wolf.

We love to find new ways to explore the world — what better way to do it than from the perspective of a wolf?  Some of our programs focus on behavior and biology, while others dive into mythology and storytelling.  Want to learn about wolves?  These programs are a great place to start. 

Requesting  A Program:

Every program we run is another opportunity to teach and learn about wolves.  We love it.

If you, your organization/school/library/museum, or someone you know is interested in hosting a Wolfgard program, please get in touch!  We’re happy to discuss details over email, phone, or in-person, and even tailor programs specific to your needs.


Wolf, Dog, Human… What’s the Difference?

What’s behind all that howling, growling, and sniffing? Explore canine behavior and discover the similarities and differences between wolves and their domestic cousins. We’ll also discuss human perceptions of canine behavior, and ask: “How different are we really?”

– This program optionally comes with a friendly border collie companion.

For all ages     – Length: 1 hour

Wolf Age, Before the World Falls”: Wolf Myths from Europe

Odin_(Manual_of_Mythology)With popular folktales like “Little Red Riding Hood,” mythological wolves may seem vicious, scheming, and evil. But there are countless tales of wolves, and in northern and eastern Europe, wolves don’t fit into neat categories like “good” or “evil.” From Fenrir to Skadi, Prince Ivan to the vuchari, explore the world of Norse and Slavic mythology with Wolfgard Northeast.  We’ll weave together story and images from the past, and ask, what role do these stories play in our modern times?

– Best for high school, college, and adult audiences     – Length: 1 hour

The Wild Within: Understanding the Wolf in Human Culture
The Firebird

How do you connect with wolves? Do they bring you closer to wilderness, or send you running from the woods? Though wolves are now absent from the Northeast landscape, they’ve never disappeared from human culture. Songs, folktales, television shows, spiritual practices, werewolf movies – they tell us about human relationships with the wolf. Join this discussion-based presentation on how understanding the wolf in human culture is integral to the survival of the wolf in the wild.

Best for high school, college, and adult audiences      – Length: 1 hour


Outdoor Experiences

Walk Like a Wolf: Explore the Woods Through the Eyes of a Predator

DSC_0059Forest, field, marsh, and mountain – humans walk and wade through these landscapes every day. But how do other predators navigate the wilderness? What does a wolf see, hear, and smell? How do wolves walk through the woods? How would these wild places look if wolves returned? Join us for this outdoor program as we ask these questions and look at the Northeast landscape with a different perspective.

Please come prepared for the weather and for travel both on and off trail. This will not be a strenuous hike, but you will have the opportunity to join-in an awareness/stalking activity – so it’s best to wear clothes that don’t mind a hint of mud, a few snags, or pine pitch.

– For all ages      -Length: 1.5 – 2 hours

Storytelling & Ceremony

Beyond Human: Experiencing the Wild

Immerse yourself in stories of wolves, shapeshifters, and wild things. Our stories and ceremonies draw from indigenous European and animistic traditions. Presenters in garb and costume share old and new tales and invite the group to tell their own stories. A highly adaptable program, we facilitate participants’ connections to wilderness in many ways – movement, drumming, storytelling, meditation, and practices influenced by old shapeshifting stories.

This gathering is designed for groups (can be in a number of configurations), and is best suited for outdoor locations, but adaptable to the indoors as well.

– Adaptable for All Ages.       – Length: Variable